How to Destroy the Hogwarts Legacy

How to Destroy the Hogwarts Legacy ...

Playing Hogwarts Legacy is like reliving your favorite childhood films and books from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. This new game from Avalanche Software is already exceeding expectations, giving players a fresh new perspective on the Potter universe.

If you need a break from the main storyline, there are a number of new locations to visit, as well as tons of new missions and quests within the game. One of these locations is the Ruins, which you will need to enter to complete a quest with your friend Poppy. In this guide, we cover how to get past this obstacle.

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What Steps Do You Need to Take to Break the Ruins?

First things first are required to get past this puzzle and get to the Ruins in your quest with Poppy. The puzzle itself is a series of two towers that are placed on a circle, and there is also a door that has some arcane symbols on it.

The inner rim tower, named because it is located on the inside of the circle, next to the Centaur, should be left. For the outer tower, you need to place it between the symbol that resembles the letter V and the key-like symbol that is next to it. Once you have done this correctly, the door will open and you can continue on your quest from Poppy.

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