Dragonspine lore explained in Genshin Impact

Dragonspine lore explained in Genshin Impact ...

When Genshin Impact's first additional region, Dragonspine Mountain, was announced in Version 1.2, many people were enthralled. So much, that they may have skipped over much of its history while searching for stone tablets or climbing to its peak. Don't worry, we've got an abridged version for you.

What is Dragonspine in Genshin Impact?

It's a mountain in Mondstadt's southern part, previously known as Vindagnyr. Durin, a dark dragon, went to battle with and was defeated by the wind dragon, Dvalin. Durin's body was left on the mountainside and decomposed, making the mountain known as Dragonspine. It's considered one of Mondstadt's most dangerous areas due to its year-round icy cold.

What is Sal Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact?

Sal Vindagnyr is the ancient civilization that Dragonspine's remains belong to. A group fled the cold of northern Mondstadt 2000 years ago reached a green mountain and built a city on the top and inside the mountain, gaining financial prosperity and blessings from Celestia.

The City of Irminsul is well-known for its huge, white tree, which was likely connected to her. Sal Vindagnyr's last princess was born underneath it. She was known to have fantasies of the future and would paint them as frescoes. Her last vision was an omen. She saw a black dragon covering Sal Vindagnyr's face around this time or shortly afterwards.

Sal Vindagnyr's impact on the Skyfrost Nail in Genshin

The Skyfrost Nail's mechanics are still unknown, but we do know two things. One, it came from Celestia, and two, it plummeted down onto Vindagnyr, and it quickly changed from lush green to a snowy wasteland. The princess gave an foreign hero, Imunlaukr, the Snow-Tombed Starsilver sword, asking him to search for a way to reverse what had happened.

Soon, the great, white tree began to wither. The people of Sal Vindagnyr attempted to heal it via the Ley Lines, but before they could, the Skyfrost Nail split into three pieces. Again, the mechanics here are unclear, but this caused the great tree to die. The princess attempted to graft a branch of the great white tree onto another tree on a nearby small island, but she failed.

Imunlaukr returned to find the whole city abandoned. He vowed to "pass the time with a song of iron and blood," then he left the Snow-Tombed Starsilver sword in the chamber pictured above and went on a journey of vengeance.

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