The Halo Infinite update adds more grenades and power weapon spawning

The Halo Infinite update adds more grenades and power weapon spawning ...

343 Industries announces a Halo Infinite upgrade for mid-February, which includes grenade nerfs, a reduction in power spawns for Ranked Arena, and a direct response to competitive gamers' 'drop weapon meta' for the Halo Infinite ranks. There are also some nice tweaks for the S7 Sniper, as well as a number of bug fixes for the FPS game.

John ‘Unyshek’ Junyszek, Halo Infinite community manager, explains the key details that will be revealed when the next Halo Infinite patch is released. "The changes in this patch are directly related to player feedback online and community reported concerns on the Halo Support site," he adds.

343 responds to feedback that there is "too much power" on the map in Ranked Arena due to the high respawn rate and generous ammo count. As such, weapon racks will now only provide one weapon at a time, being set to a'red rack' state after a weapon is picked up and staying that way until the original weapon has despawned.

With the launch of season 3, players should expect those improvements on the Heatwave, CQS48 Bulldog, and Shock Rifle,” according to Junyszek. These changes should hopefully shake up the best Halo Infinite guns for multiplayer somewhat, reducing the effect that grabbing one has on how long you can run roughshod over the competition.

Junyszek believes a Halo Infinite frag grenade nerf would "help reward skilled frag grenade placement while also alleviating concerns about grenade spam effectiveness in gameplay."

Due to faster ready up times, there is a direct response to the 'drop weapon meta,' where players are dropping their weapons rather than switching out to their secondary weapon. "We've made sure that the weapon ready up time after a dropped weapon matches the speed of switching between weapons normally."

The current Halo properties "were in line with previous Halo titles, but we've seen requests to make it even more accurate when firing from the hip," according to Junyszek.

The entire patch notes for Halo Infinite will be released on February 15, along with improvements to client and server stability, as well as improvements on semi-automatic weapons jamming, and fixes to a visual problem causing them to appear as if they were double-firing.

Despite recent Microsoft layoffs, 343 Industries claims that its Halo Infinite Forge plans haven't changed. If you like Halo, then you should try out more of the best space games on PC or other great multiplayer games worth your time.