Your Starfield ship is expected to salvage scrap from defeating foes

Your Starfield ship is expected to salvage scrap from defeating foes ...

Building and upgrading your Starfield ship is bound to be a major component of the upcoming space game from Bethesda Games' RPG veterans. As we await further information, the eager community is taking apart every inch of our game, looking for any additional information. After Starfield space battles, you'll be able to grab loot directly from destroyed ships.

It appears that Bethesda is planning a full-blown, standalone Starfield showcase courtesy of Microsoft very soon, and we'll likely find new footage to satisfy those interstellar cravings. In the meantime, eagle-eyed enthusiasts have discovered a very useful user interface that could inform us a lot about how space looting might work.

There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when a player blasts apart one ship and turns immediately to fire upon another during a Starfield gameplay trailer.

It's easy to overlook between the explosion, the rapid change in focus, and the general speed of the whole thing in action, but pause at the right time and you'll see a very clear diamond-shaped 'loot chest' icon above the destroyed hull. This appears to be quite clear evidence that you'll be able to grab resources from defeated adversaries.

There is still no clue on how you'll actually go about getting things back in place. Perhaps you'll just be able to tap a button as you go past and handily suck everything right into storage on the fly, or perhaps you'll just have to park up and extracting the resources directly. Given Bethesda's history, the obvious approach would be a floating pop-up menu as you approach that allows you manually pick out components, but maybe they'll opt for a more involved approach.

In the following video, you can see the moment between 11:43 and 11:45, though you'll probably want to slow down your playback speed or nudge through frame-by-frame (this can be done using the and > keys on your keyboard) to get a clearer view.

Todd Howard has previously described Starfield ship combat as a mix of MechWarrior and FTL, so we can't wait to get our hands on the final piece. Check out our article on the Starfield cities you'll be visiting, as well as how the Starfield base building works.

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