All Legend of Zelda games in order of release date, chronological, and timeline

All Legend of Zelda games in order of release date, chronological, and timeline ...

The Legend of Zelda series has developed quite a bit from its inception. Link, the silent protagonist, started out as a simple 2D sprite wielding a wooden sword, and today he's jumping off cliffs and killing all kinds of creatures. Fortunately, the chronological timeline is much easier to comprehend.

The Legend of Zelda games by release date

The Legend of Zelda is a completely different game from the recent vibrant fantasy epics, but it's still enjoyable to play. Although it's not a completely open world, Link is free to go to any dungeon if he has the tools to do so. In The Legend of Time, Link is actually placed near the end of the timeline, following the same trajectory as in Ocarina of Time.

Adventure of Link is known for being a complete left-turn from its predecessor. Instead of the overhead view, it plays more like a side-scrolling platformer. Regarding the timeline, it takes place right after the original Legend of Zelda at the end of the failed timeline.

Despite recent successes like Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, andBreath of the Wild, many SNES fans still consider this to be the finest Zelda game ever. Link travels through different dungeons in each environment in this game, as well as in Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, since the seven sages seal Ganon immediately.

This game marked a significant shift from the SNES to the Game Boy. Link's Awakening is a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, but it takes place in a totally different area. Here, Link is trapped on a treacherous island and is tasked with awakening the Windfish.

Ocarina of Time is easily a contender for the best game ever due to its massive impact on the gaming industry. It was also the game that brought Zelda back to his childhood, one in which he remains an adult after defeating Ganon, and a third in which he fails to defeat the demon king.

Majora's Mask is often referred to as the most terrifying game in the series, with a unique mechanic that allows players to save Termina or the Moon from falling into a trap and taking out everyone who lives there. This game takes place right after Zelda sends Link back to his childhood activities.

Both games took place very fast. Players had to beat both titles and enter a password in order to get the true conclusion. On the Fallen timeline, the Oracle games take place after Link's Awakening.

This was another unique 2D game on the Gameboy Advanced. Players teamed up with three other teammates to tackle a varied set of tasks. This game takes place just before Ocarina of Time.

This game is responsible for giving Link a much different appearance. Link is also the subject of Smash's "Toon Link." Link also traveled to the high seas, encountering various islands along the way. The Wind Waker is the first game in the Adult part of the timeline following Link's killing in Ocarina of Time.

This was a fairly straightforward sequel to 2002's Four Swords. The only major difference was that it was released on the Gamecube. It has an odd placement in the timeline, occurring during the Child era following Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask.

Behold, the game that explains why Link got his green cap. Some folks consider this Gameboy Advance title to be an excellent gaming experience. It's known as a method by which Link can reduce his size to reach narrow areas and solve puzzles. On the timeline, it happens right after Skyward Sword.

This was a very special title for Zelda as it served as a Wii launch title as well as a Gamecube port. Link is depicted in a more realistic environment as well as Wolf Link, who is adored by Midna. In the timeline, the Hero from Majora's Mask actually appears as the Hero's Shade.

The Wind Waker concept was used by the designers for a DS title. Here, Toon Link gets a new ship to ride around here, and as such, it takes place right after The Wind Waker in the timeline.

As it follows The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass in the timeline, this game completes a trilogy. Link is rather a train conductor, rather than going to the seas.

This game provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Wii's technology. Players could manipulate the Wii-mote as Link's sword. Skyward Sword is also a huge title, occurring at the very beginning of the timeline. Here, Link is a resident of Skyloft but eventually discovers a prehistoric Hyrule.

A Link Between Worlds isn't a remake, rather it's a spiritual successor. Different characters appear, but many of the locations and enemies resemble assets from A Link to the Past. It's also on the Fallen timeline but occurs after the Oracle games.

This supposedly follows A Link Between Worlds in terms of timeline. Triforce Heroes' gameplay, though, has more in common with Four Swords than anything. It has the same cooperative play, just among three players instead of four.

Although it may be surprising how many new things are revealed with this title long after it was released, it was the most bold move the franchise has made in a while, and it paid off. Instead of the linear formula in other titles, this one is an open world, so players may go up to Hyrule Castle and defeat Ganon from the beginning.

The most popular part of the game is set in the skies above. Ganondorf might make a comeback after players defeated Ganon in Breath of the Wild.

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