The Showrunner for DWTS explains why he brought Mark Ballas back to the Ballroom

The Showrunner for DWTS explains why he brought Mark Ballas back to the Ballroom ...

Season 31 showrunner of Dancing With the Stars explains why he decided to bring popular professional dancer Mark Ballas back to the ballroom.

Ballas was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography in 2011 for Dancing With the Stars, and it was a surprise to supporters that he would return after a five-year break.

Ballas has been partnered with TikTok superstar Charli DAmelio for the next season. Read on to learn more about why he chose to return to the ballroom dance competition.

Green wanted to get back on the competition by putting ballass creativity back on the line.

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Green said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the season premiere that he wanted Ballas to return because he wanted his flair in the ballroom, but he also wanted someone to challenge TikTok legend Charli DAmelio.

With 145.7 million followers on Twitter, DAmelio has the second-highest following on TikTok. She uploads dance videos as well as updates fans on her life and products that she loves. The star also joins the roster of actors who have dance experience.

Green noted that Charli has a lot of potential. We wanted to make sure that the person who worked with her was really pushing her and being inventive. I cant think of a dancer who is more inventive than Mark. I reached out to him and said, OK, please join the cast. He really enjoys the show.

He added, He's obviously got his music and acting and all the other things he's been doing. But he just thought, Why not? I can already see the competition in his eyes. You can take the boy out of the ballroom, but you can't take him out of the ballroom.

Ballas wanted to return because Conrad Green had called him.

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Ballas said he was in the position when Green called him back.

Conrad Green said in an interview with Us Weekly that he had contacted him back when I joined the company. He was like, would you like to do it? and I was like, it's fun, and that's why I'm here.

Ballas said in an interview that DAmelios dance experience may be a hindrance rather than something positive for the team.

He said that sometimes you have to go in reverse with that different discipline. But so far weve been having fun. She works very hard.

He also admitted that he missed the creative part of producing the program, and is so excited to return to it.

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars will launch on Disney+ on Monday, September 19th. The show will be the first live competition program to be streamed on the platform.