In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I sell beasts?

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I sell beasts? ...

As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you will discover various beasts that you may capture and store in your vivarium. Everything from tiny Puffskeins to massive Hippogriffs and everything in between. That is why selling comes in. When you can’t sell a rescued animal to someone who can, do so.

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how do you sell beasts?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you only have so many gear slots; you only have so many beast slots. When you first learn to catch and care for beasts, you will only be able to hold a handful of them in your vivarium, which will grow later on.

You may sell your magical beasts when your inventory fills up. The Brood & Peck shop is run by Ellie Peck and will happily remove any and all magical beasts from your hands. Be careful not to get too many Galleons for each beast.

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If you catch a lot of them, selling beasts can prove to be very lucrative. Just make sure to inventory everything you need to sell before you go to the Brood & Peck looking to sell. Also, remember to avoid selling any shiny beasts that you may have caught.