Jaylan Mobley Reveals He Called Leahs Exes Prior to the Proposal

Jaylan Mobley Reveals He Called Leahs Exes Prior to the Proposal ...

Leah Messer is getting engaged! Jaylan Mobley, the Teen Mom 2's boyfriend, proposed in August with a romantic beach proposal.

Jaylan talked about the days leading up to the proposal in a September interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that he called Leahs exs personally to confirm the news.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Jaylan Called Leahs Exs Before Proposing

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Jaylan told Entertainment Tonight that he spoke with Cory Simms, with whom Leah shares daughters Aleeah Gracie and Aliannah Allii, and Jeremy Calvert, with whom Leah shares her eldest daughter Adalynn.

Me and Corey went to golf, and we actually had a discussion about it, he told the outlet. And he was all for that.

I've also had discussions with Jeremy throughout and after, and he's always been like, Hey man, Im just glad you're my daughter's stepdad,' he said. That's just another thing, too, that's been incredible to me. They've also been sharing a lot of information with me about what they've learned.

Jaylan, 26, has never shied away from involving himself in Leahs kids' lives. On fathers day, the 26-year-old shared pictures with Leahs kids on Instagram, along with a message about being a bonus dad.

In the subsequent column, he wrote that not being biologically related to a child does not make you less of a parent. Its in the love, care, and heart.

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Jaylan Bought Leahs Daughters Promise Rings

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Jaylan told Entertainment Weekly that he gifted all three of Leah's daughters promise rings.

He said she had no clue that I would do a picnic-type activity for the girls up until that point. It was a surprise for all of them to see me make the promise to their mom as well.

On August 26, Leah shared Instagram images of Jaylan gifting the girls their diamonds. The mother-of-three captioned the post.

She wrote that when I dreamed of this moment, this is exactly what I imagined it to be. A slow steady unconditional love, not only for me, but also for my three three daughters, which I cherish the most in my life. Thank you for everything you do for us. It's just US 4L.

Love is patient and kind; it does not envy or belittle itself; it is not resentful or resentful; it rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always dreams, never fails.

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One fan commented that Jay is granting the girls diamonds here come the tears.

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