Bonus content for Resident Evil 4 Remake must be purchased for a lot of money

Bonus content for Resident Evil 4 Remake must be purchased for a lot of money ...

It's possible that this feature might interest you, stranger. With the Resident Evil 4 Remake's Deluxe Edition Extra DLC Pack, Capcom seems to be letting out their inner merchant. But some fans have noticed that there's an odd outlier in the mix. This Treasure Map enables players to purchase everything that the game has to offer.

For quite some time, Capcom has remained unclear about what this bonus DLC Treasure Map will bring to the game, but some experienced players have thought it out. Like previous Resident Evil remakes, Capcom allows players to purchase individual parts of the Deluxe Edition separately from each other.

"Discover the hidden treasures that await!" is the official description for the Treasure Map on the Microsoft Xbox store. Additional treasures will be added throughout the game as a result of this method.

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During the main story, the store notes that additional treasures may be confirmed in your map. It isn't 100% clear what these additional items are for, but it is apparent that they are not included in the base game purchase. Many gamers are sick of having to pay extra money to get content that goes beyond just cosmetics.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is aiming to be the definitive sequel to the classic game. It has been confirmed recently that the game is adding more content to keep the title fresh while staying true to the original and not cutting chapters. Hopefully, the bonus collectibles from the Deluxe Edition Extra DLC Pack will not be too harmful to gameplay, or this might be a snag on one of the most anticipated titles of the year.