In Call of Duty, what is ADS?

In Call of Duty, what is ADS? ...

ADS (Aim Down Sight) is a crucial Call of Duty skill that every player should know how to utilize. It's what happens when you press the left button on your controller or mouse, and the camera changes to your weapon's sight, providing better accuracy and precision. This technique is commonly used when confronting enemies at medium to long range distances.

ADS has a significant advantage over conventional pistol recoil, making it simpler to maintain accuracy while firing. Furthermore, ADS allows players to see things from a distance.

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ADS has its drawbacks. For example, using ADS can impair tunnel vision, making it difficult to see anything outside the weapon's scope of view. Furthermore, using ADS reduces your field of vision, making it harder to follow enemies that move rapidly. As a result, players should use ADS cautiously and switch back to hip fire when necessary.

ADS and hip fire have a drawback, and understanding when to switch back to hip fire is critical for mastering the game. Hip fire is best suited for short-range combat when the enemy is within a few meters. ADS is excellent for medium-range combat when the enemy is too close.