The Top 10 Nintendo Switch Picross Games

The Top 10 Nintendo Switch Picross Games ...

Puzzle games are a great addition to any portable console, and the Picross subgenre in particular has always remained popular on Nintendo consoles, from the Game Boy to the Switch. Here are ten of the best Picross games that we found.


What if Picross were just a little more colorful? Depixtion from DevHour Games gives you the largest color palette in the genre. While traditional Picross, the puzzles in Depixtion have three layers to reveal. Eventually, youll have a bright and distinct image.

Marios Super Picross

Marios Super Picross isn't a native Nintendo Switch game, but there's a way to have it on your console for free. Use the Super Nintendo Nintendo Switch Online application to experience one of the early Picross games. Naturally, you'll end up drawing a lot of Mario-themed pictures with your hammer and chisel.

Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers, a visual novel and a Picross match, depicts a murder mystery in a fun and lighthearted way. Honor meets SCOUT, a quirky and somewhat oblivious robot who assists you in investigating crime scenes. Throughout the game, you will also interview suspects and presenting evidence.

Nonograms Prophecy

Nonograms Prophecy isn't a perfect Picross game, according to some reviews, but its visual, visual, and storytelling abilities are definitely worth examining. Unlike most nonogram games, Nonograms Prophecy includes color puzzles as well to keep the gears churning in your head.

Picross: Lord of the Nazarick

Jupiter is perhaps the most well-known Picross developer, with a number of their titles keeping the Picross brand alive. With Picross: Lord of the Nazarick, however, the studio crossed over the Picross brand with the Overlord series. It does lend itself to some fun and fantastical images alongside the usual nonogram gameplay.

Picross S

Jupiters Picross S is a great alternative to using the game for pleasure. Each iteration has introduced a new game mode, so this one is likely to be the most popular feature.


NanoPiko has created a game that uses Picross as the foundation for its combat in PictoQuest: The Cursed Grids. Youll be able to earn gold and spend it on items that you need to assist you in battle. Youll also be able to participate in sidequests.

Piczle Cross Adventure

Score Studios' Piczle Cross Adventure is a very retro-style game that includes RPG elements, a fleshed-out story, and engaging characters, all under a filter that resembles the CRT screens of old. Youll unlock more areas of the menu and also earn XP for leveling up.

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League

Pixel Girl is a fun and unusual mash-up game that combines Picross gameplay with elements of a dating simulation visual novel. She plays Pixel Girl, an optimistic and playful Picross-themed superheroine who serves as the latest recruit for the Puzzle League. Throughout the game, you can customize your Picross experience by using the touch screen.


Voxelgram ups the ante in a fairly entertaining manner. Youll use the same numbered clues to construct an entire object, yet you'll eventually have these delightful little dioramas of your own creation.