How to Get 99 OVR Jimmy Rollins on MLB The Show 22

How to Get 99 OVR Jimmy Rollins on MLB The Show 22 ...

San Diego Studios has released two large collections in MLB The Show 22; the third collection was released on September 16, and the reward is a 99 OVR Retro Finest player item from former Phillie and NL MVP Jimmy Rollins.

How to get 99 OVR Jimmy Rollins

MLB The Show 22 features three major collections, the first featuring Royals legendGeorge Brett and the second featuring former Pirate Andrew McCutchen.

The 99 OVR Jimmy Rollins in MLB The Show 22, you will need to complete the Legend and Flashbacks collection for it. Users must collect a wide variety of different cards, including Live Series cards. Go to Collect -> Legends -> Flashbacks, and then select the Rollins tab to see your progress toward the collection.

You will need 18 vouchers to complete this MLB The Show 22 set in full. These can be obtained by finishing a set amount of cards for each Series tier, such as Breakout, All-Star, Postseason, and so on.

The 99 OVR Jimmy Rollins is available for purchase, as there are three player items that count as vouchers. You will need the 96 OVR Joe Mauer (which takes 12 cards from the Cover Athletes collection), the 99 OVR Topps Now Christian Yelich (105 Topps Now cards) and the 99 OVR All-Star Jackie Robinson (which takes 44 2022 All-Star & Home Run Derby cards to get 99 OVR Jackie).

You may get the rest of your 16 vouchers by doing the following:

  • Collect 22 Postseason series cards
  • Collect 35 Veteran series cards
  • Collect 80 All-Star series cards
  • Collect 45 Breakout series cards
  • Collect 60 Rookie series cards
  • Collect 50 Future Stars series cards
  • Collect 50 Monthly Awards series cards
  • Collect 12 Signature series cards
  • Collect 22 Awards series cards
  • Collect 27 Prime series cards
  • Collect 43 Prospect series cards
  • Collect 42 2nd Half series cards
  • Collect 18 Milestone series cards
  • Collect 50 Faces of the Franchise cards
  • Collect 20 Takashi Okazaki cards
  • Collect 33 Finest cards

Users may obtain cards for these collections through Featured Programs, Player Programs, packs, and the Diamond Dynastymarketplace. Additionally, winning a Mini Seasons championship for the first time will reward you with an 89 OVR veteran, highlighted by an 88 OVR All-Star Mike Piazza.