Season 2 spoilers for Criminal Minds: Evolution: What's the deal with the love triangle?

Season 2 spoilers for Criminal Minds: Evolution: What's the deal with the love triangle? ...

Although we accept that romance might not always be the focus of a program like Criminal Minds: Evolution, are there still occasions to highlight it? As we enter the second season, it appears that the answer is still unclear.

After what we saw in the conclusion, there are a few connections that have already been established here. Think along the lines of what we've seen with JJ and Will, or with Tara and Rebecca this past season. You may also be adding another dimension to all of this moving forward with Tyler Green, Penelope, and Luke.


Showrunner Erica Messer explained that there is a possibility you will see Tyler again down the road while speaking on this topic to Variety:

Yes, there is a good possibility that Tyler will be there. We loved Tyler, and we applaud RJ. We thought that relationship would go like it did this season, but we loved giving Garcia that messy relationship. We just completely agreed that she may not be dead now that Alvez knows about it. So there can be a little bit more of a triangle than we've ever ever done on the show.

We think Luke has feelings for Penelope, just as we think she has feelings for him. Their initial meeting just didn't go smoothly because they didn't know how to communicate outside of the office. Is it possible that Adam Rodriguez's character might view things differently than he might have once upon a time?

Let's hope there will be a chance to see season 2 premiere later this year, and that this will be another interesting story brought to the table.

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