MLB The Show 22 Legends of the Franchise Featured Program guide All rewards, missions, how to earn XP, and more

MLB The Show 22 Legends of the Franchise Featured Program guide All rewards, missions, how to earn X ...

San Diego Studios has honored the faces, future, and all-stars of each franchise throughout the MLB The Show 22 life cycle. Now, the legends have their opportunity to shine. On September 16, the Legends of the Franchise featured program went live. Users may also earn a series of other rewards, including henchmen and bosses from previous programs.

Legends of the Franchise rewards

Here's a breakdown of all the awards for the All-Stars of the Franchise, plus the XP requirements to achieve each level:

LevelRewardXP Requirement
1Banner and 250 Stubs2,500
2MLB The Show 22 Pack5,000
3Profile Icon and 250 Stubs7,500
4Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs10,000
5Profile Icon and 250 Stubs12,500
6Legend Icons Pack and 500 Stubs15,000
7Bat Skin and 500 Stubs17,500
8Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs20,000
9Bat Skin and 500 Stubs22,500
101,000 Stubs25,000
11Bat Skin and 500 Stubs27,500
12Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs30,000
13Legend Bat Skin Pack and 500 Stubs35,000
14Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs40,000
15Classic Stadium Pack45,000
16Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs50,000
17MLB The Show 22 Pack55,000
18Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs60,000
19Headliners Set 45 Pack65,000
20Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs70,000
21Ballin is a Habit Pack75,000
22Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs80,000
232,500 Stubs85,000
24Unlockables Pack and 500 Stubs90,000
25Headliners Set 46 Pack (x2)95,000
26AL EASTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack100,000
27MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)105,000
28Unlockables Pack (x2) and 1,000 Stubs110,000
29AL Flashback and Legends Choice Pack115,000
30AL CENTRALLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack120,000
31NL Flashback and Legends Choice Pack125,000
32Unlockables Pack (x2) and 1,000 Stubs130,000
33Ballin is a Habit pack135,000
34AL WESTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack140,000
353,000 Stubs145,000
36Unlockables Choice Pack (x2) and 1,000 Stubs150,000
37NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack160,000
38Big Dog Set 1 Choice Pack170,000
39NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack180,000
40Big Dog Set 2 Choice Pack190,000
41NL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack200,000
42Big Dog Set 3 Choice Pack210,000
43AL EASTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack220,000
44Cover Athletes Choice Pack230,000
45AL CENTRALLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack240,000
46Takashi Okazaki Set 1 Choice Pack250,000
47AL WESTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack260,000
48Always Intense Set 1 Choice Pack270,000
49NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack280,000
50Always Intense Set 2 Choice Pack290,000
51NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack300,000
52Takashi Okazaki Set 2 Choice Pack310,000
53NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack320,000
542022 All-Star Game Choice Pack330,000
55AL EASTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack340,000
56Home Run Derby Choice Pack350,000
57AL CENTRALLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack360,000
58AL WESTLegendsof the Franchise Choice Pack370,000
59NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack380,000
60NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack390,000
61NL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack400,000
625,000 Stubs410,000
63Five-Tool Player Tool Box Choice Pack420,000
64MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)430,000
65Headliners Set 46 Pack (x3)440,000
66Juicy Set 1 Choice Pack450,000
67MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)460,000
68Ballin is a Habit Pack470,000
695,000 Stubs480,000
70MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)490,000
71Ballin out of Control Pack500,000
72Ballin is a Habit Pack520,000
73Headliners Set 43 Pack (x2)540,000
74MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)560,000
755,000 Stubs580,000
76AL EASTAll-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack600,000
77AL CENTRALAll-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack620,000
78AL WEST All-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack640,000
79NL EAST All-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack660,000
80NL CENTRALAll-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack680,000
81NL WESTAll-Starsof the Franchise Choice Pack700,000
822022 All-Star Game Choice Pack725,000
83Home Run Derby Choice Pack750,000
84Juicy Set 1 Choice Pack775,000
85Ballin out of Control Pack800,000
86MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)825,000
87MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)850,000
88MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10)875,000
89Ballin out of Control Pack900,000
90MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10)925,000
91MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10)950,000
92MLB The Show 22 Pack (x20)975,000
93Ballin out of Control Pack (x2)1,000,000

With this program, users may acquire 18 Legends of the Franchise cards. Be aware that for this program, only the Legends of the Franchise players who purchased Choice Packs may be sold.


Here are the team heads for this program:

  • Cy Young (Red Sox)
  • Brooks Robinson (Orioles)
  • Jorge Posada (Yankees)
  • Wade Boggs (Rays)
  • Shawn Green (Blue Jays)
  • Cliff Lee (Guardians)
  • Torii Hunter (Twins)
  • Ray Durham (White Sox)
  • Alan Trammell (Tigers)
  • Bret Saberhagen (Royals)
  • Rickey Henderson (As)
  • Edgar Martinez (Mariners)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers)
  • Roy Oswalt (Astros)
  • Jered Weaver (Angels)
  • Tom Glavine (Mets)
  • A.J. Burnett (Marlins)
  • Mike Schmidt (Phillies)
  • Andre Dawson (Nationals)
  • Hank Aaron (Braves)
  • Prince Fielder (Brewers)
  • Ozzie Smith (Cardinals)
  • Ryne Sandberg (Cubs)
  • Jason Bay (Pirates)
  • Joe Morgan (Reds)
  • Tony Gwynn (Padres)
  • Willie McCovey (Giants)
  • Don Sutton (Dodgers)
  • Steve Finley (Diamondbacks)
  • Todd Helton (Rockies)

How to earn XP

The following games can be played during MLB The Show 22 and earn XP after each, including Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and even March to October. Daily and Featured Program Moments are also available for this program.

SDS has included missions into this program, so users may use the boss cards from previous programs (i.e. Field of Dreams, Dog Days of Summer, Back to Old School) and grind to earn PXP Points. Each of the last three bosses has PXP Missions, and players will earn 5,000 XP for doing each one.

MLB The Show has also included a new quest, named the Legends of the Franchise EAST, which allows users to earn 40,000 XP forcompleting it. Stay tuned for more Legends of the Franchise WEST and CENTRAL conquests, player programs, and showdowns.

Users may also earn 15,000 XP for acquiring Lightning Mookie Betts and the Retro Finest Roberto Clemente. If you haven't yet claimed an XP boost from any of the four Extreme bosses, a total of 30,000 XP is waiting for each of the four via collections.

This program will last three weeks and will last until October 7.