The Gilded Age season 2 premiere date: Is There a Labor Day Start?

The Gilded Age season 2 premiere date: Is There a Labor Day Start? ...

It's certainly easier to raise some big questions about HBO's The Gilded Age season 2 when we have a larger amount of information. That includes, at least in this instance, whether or not we're getting a September launch for the period drama.

Nathan Lane made a recent statement on The Today Show that the source for this date is legitimate. We do recognize that seasons are subject to change, but we must remember, at least in this instance, that this is where we are.

Given what we know, what is the most appropriate date for season 2 to begin? This is what brings us to Monday, September 4, which makes sense for a few reasons. The Gilded Age does tend to have a few seasons, but this would enable the network to do something else after.

Is there any concern about premiering a program like this on a major holiday like Labor Day? We would certainly understand if there were any concerns about this, but we don't think it is worth putting the panic button over at this point. There's no real evidence that Labor Day evening is a terrible night for television, and honestly, live ratings don't anymore matter. The most important thing is that viewers who saw season 1 return.

After all, don't we all want to hear more information about a season 3 as soon as possible?

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