Season 9 spoilers for The Flash: Olivers' return and plenty of action

Season 9 spoilers for The Flash: Olivers' return and plenty of action ...

Stephen Amell's return to The Flash season 9 is quite likely to have already heard a few things about the show's creator Grant Gustin! We all know the thought went into bringing the character back, and there is no attempt to replicate anything we saw during its eight-season run.

It appears that something will be done within this upcoming episode with Amell to honor what he did in the past. Here's what Danielle Panabaker, who directed Amell's return episode, had to say:

“There is [a] fight scene that transpires,” says the author. “[There is] a] fight sequence that was my tribute to the incredible fight sequences that they created on Arrow over the previous decade.”

Would you expect nothing less in this case? Amell is certainly still capable of some lengthy fight scenes, as he's been developing Heels since he completed his time as Oliver. His appearance on The Flash might carry with it some of the charm that was especially there in the earlier part of Arrow — remember when it was a world largely without superpowers, similar in that way to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy?

Let's just hope that this episode will be a highlight, but also that the entire season of The Flash will be a highlight. We hope that the entire series of future episodes will be a love letter to what we've witnessed over the years.

Stay tuned for more information on The Flash, including the huge Red Death tale ahead.

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