Season 10 of The Blacklist: How far has filming gotten?

Season 10 of The Blacklist: How far has filming gotten? ...

Can you believe that Season 10 of The Blacklist is coming to an end on NBC for the first time? We know that it's been a long wait, but it's nice to see that we are coming to the end.

Let's just jump straight into the fray and discuss a brand-new development aspect. Filming is going on for months now, so where are James Spader and the rest of the cast?

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On the outside, we understand that it can be difficult to pinpoint certain things when it comes to production on the inside, especially with a show like this! Very few cast members actively post about the show on social media, and very little has been reported about guest stars, either. What we can say is that at this point, everyone has most likely made it past the halfway mark... but we wouldn't say that they're in the home stretch either.

One of the great things about the final-season announcement, as we've mentioned in the past, is that it gives everyone ample time to actually prepare for the road ahead. That's something that can be appreciated by everyone as we await the end of the road.

Hopefully, there will be a chance to get an answer or two on Reddington's identity, as well as some closure and/or peace for several members of the Task Force. We know that everyone involved at this point has gone through a lot — while we don't think all of the main characters will get happy endings, there's at least a chance for some of them, right?

Have you seen the whole synopsis from The Blacklist season 10 premiere yet?

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