Season 5 filming for Magnum PI: Is everything set in Hawaii?

Season 5 filming for Magnum PI: Is everything set in Hawaii? ...

Can you believe that we were just one weekend away from the start ofMagnum PIseason 5 filming? From the efforts to preserve the show to the relatively quiet period over the past couple of months, there is no denying that this has been a long road to get here.

Despite the fact that we are barely at the conclusion of the show, some cast members are descending upon Hawaii right now as they all begin production early next week, and were hoping to get some more behind-the-scenes footage very soon.

Remember that most of the cast and crew at this stage are also a family. With that, there is something amazing that will arise when they all get together again. Many of these people have not seen each other in months! Now, they get to spend time together creating a thoroughly enjoyable TV program until at least March. We'll have to see what the long-term future holds.

Although there isn't much information available on the upcoming premiere, it's fair to say the program will most likely hit the ground running. The program will certainly feature action, but it may also feature some humor, romance, and other dramatic, character-specific moments. Very few shows combine so many genres into one.

There is still no premiere date, but for the time being, it's reasonable to assume that it will launch sometime between January and March. NBC should want this to be included in their standard TV season, right?