Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: The Veto winners' decision?

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: The Veto winners' decision? ...

One thing seems quite clear from what we know so far from the Big Brother 24house: We may be in for a long time in the next five or six days.

Both the nomination ceremony and the Power of Veto competition have already taken place, as a result of both of them being included in Sunday nights new episode. What this implies is that you'll have a meaningless stretch of campaigning and/or drama when it's already clear what the Veto winner will do.

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Monte won the all-important final four Veto this morning after Taylor nominated Turner and Brittany. Remember that he did not get down to compete in the last Head of Household. He has the power to make a major decision between Turner and Brittany, but it does not appear to require a lot of effort to do it.

Monte is going to do what he does best in the end: keep Brittany, especially when he knows that she and Taylor would take each other to the final two over him. We also think he's one of those players who values on some level and deserves to be there.

Do we believe that Brittany and even Taylor will push him to make a different decision? 100% we anticipate that, mostly because Taylorisaware that both she and Monte have a better chance against Brittany, and she probably knows theres a good possibility that Turner would take Monte. Monte is a guy who is pretty self-assured once he has decided what he wants.

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