PSVR 2 PSVR 1 Games Won't Work

PSVR 2 PSVR 1 Games Won't Work ...

The PSVR2's early impressions demonstrate a wide range of features, as well as the overall experience, but there is one feature that will not be included in Sony's new PS5-exclusive headset: backwards compatibility. The company's VR titles from the previous generation will be there.

Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation's senior vice president of platform experience, presented the PS5's most recent episode. Asked whether PSVR games would work with the new headset, Nishino replied that the PSVR2 is not designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience.

Nishino identified the PSVR2's advanced features set as the apparent reason for this, including the haptic-feedback-ready controllers, as well as inside-out tracking, and eye tracking, among others.

I'd be remiss to list even half a dozen memorable games on the original PSVR, but this is a bummer, especially when these games are likely to be well-known for having only appeared for a brief period on such specific hardware. Games like Robinson: The Journey or Golem risk getting lost to time if they are not available on other VR platforms.

Perhaps this will surprise you if you've been following Sony's backwards compatibility project, which Xbox has made an extensive effort to implement. Hopefully those forgotten PSVR classics, whatever they are, will find a way out of the shambles of Sony experiments.