Is news on Barry's fourth season 4 premiere date imminent?

Is news on Barry's fourth season 4 premiere date imminent? ...

What is going on with HBO's Barry season 4 premiere date? At this point, one might be tempted to wonder!

Consider this from the jump: The Bill Hader series is supposedly returning at some point before Emmy eligibility ends — with that in mind, we must anticipate that we'll be seeing the show again before June 1.

Also, remember that HBO had just announced that another Emmy-worthy program from Season 4 of Succession will return on March 26. Based on the timing of that announcement, it's likely that we'll not see Barry again until at least some point after that, and our hope is that they will remove the veil on a start date shortly.

What are we expecting to get revealed in the next month? Especially since filming has been completed and everyone involved is working to ensure that the stories are 100% locked-in and ready to go. We know that this process can take a lot of time, but we're fairly certain that it will be completed in time to meet the previously-planned launch date.

If there is one major aspect that remains a mystery, it is whether or not we'll get the final batch of episodes after a while, mostly because this story would not feel natural if that was the case. Season 3 already concluded on a huge cliffhanger, one that raises big-time concerns about the title character's future.

Check out one hint in particular about Barry's fourth season, provided by Henry Winkler.

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