Ana De Armas' performance in 'Blonde', according to Adrien Brody, is "really impressive."

Ana De Armas' performance in 'Blonde', according to Adrien Brody, is "really impressive." ...

Marilyn Monroe is a challenge that is undoubtedly unique. She was not just America's most popular sex symbol in the 1950s, but her tragically short life requires a great deal of knowledge and talent to be able to portray her effectively. One of the film's actors, Adrien Brody, said that Ana de Armas channeled Monroe wonderfully, which shows beyond doubt that Armas' portrayal of Blonde was nothing less than a success as the author herself.

Brody had nothing but positive thoughts for de Armas' "impressive" acting in Blonde, telling Variety during the screening of the film in the United States, adding: "I was transported to another time and place."

Andrew Dominik, a New Zealand-Australian filmmaker, did not go into more detail on Monroe's existence, but rather was "a faithful adaptation of author Joyce Carol Oates' fictionalization of Monroe's life as Norma Jeane," according to Collider's Brian Formo. For Brody, who plays Monroe's third husband, Arthur Miller, the film provided a valuable insight on the legendary icon's life: "Youd probably want to know more about her life and her struggles in order to create

De Arnas, an actor who played Edward G. Robinson Jr. in Blonde, said it was a perfect choice to portray Marilyn because art is living. She knows so much about the way the general public wants a piece of her. She does it with flying colors.

The novel explored how Monroe lost her self-esteem as a result of the terrible treatment she received from the film industry, on which the film is entirely based, and which also emphasizes Monroe's personality, including her private life and intimate relationships. Other cast members include Xavier Samuel, Toby Huss, Sara Paxton, David Warshofsky, Scoot McNairy, and Lucy DeVito.

On September 28, the film will be available on Netflix throughout the world. However, you can watch it while you're waiting: