A New 'Pearl' Teaser Highlights Some Killer Competition

A New 'Pearl' Teaser Highlights Some Killer Competition ...

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween, and there's no better feeling for horror enthusiasts when a new genre film is released in cinemas. Especially when the film in question, Pearl, is a slasher. In X, everyone's new favorite murderer, she's on her journey to becoming the world's biggest star. Now a new teaser for the prequel shows that she's not the only one in her small town clamoring for fame.

The second step that someone must take to obtain the X-factor is practice. These were the first two steps in Pearls' quest to achieve fame. However, there's a catch: Emma Jenkins-Purros Misty chases him off the street in clear duress, with an ax. She also sets someone on fire, presumably her mother.

Pearl has officially become the next big icon in horrors, only to slap it all together with The Wizard of Oz and Looney Tunes. This crazed character's quest for fame is engulfed in technicolor wonder and her rainbow is painted with the blood of her foes. Pearl will do everything she can to make her farm of dying dreams a reality.

The most awful part of it all, this murder spree comes from a very relatable place. We have all experienced that desire to leave home for good and pursue our dreams. Most of us have experienced that fear of those intimate terrors coming to life in the worst cases. Thats what sets this heightened slasher. We all have people in our lives who we consider competitors. The only difference between us and people like Pearl is that we know how to handle those terrifying emotions towards our enemies.

Pearl is currently in theaters, pursuing her dreams of becoming a blood-soaked star. You can see the new X-factor teaser here, and the entire trailer below: