Why 'Everwood' Remains One of the Best Family Dramas of All Time

Why 'Everwood' Remains One of the Best Family Dramas of All Time ...

Greg Berlanti is without doubt one of Tinseltown's most well-known people. He has been lauded by Time as one of 2020's most influential people. He has also directed The CWs Arrow (2012 2020) and The Flash (2018 present) on Netflix, and the award-winning feature film Love, Simon (2018).

Dr. Andy Brown (Treat Williams) is a world-renowned neurosurgeon who decides to leave his family in the small mountain town of Everwood, Colorado, after Julia's unexpected death. He is determined to be a better father to his two children, especially his teenage son Ephram (Gregory Smith), who they gradually learn to call family.

'Everwood' combines larger-than-life storytelling with maturity.

It would not be entirely out of line to say that Everwood leaned into more subdued territory. Take Season 1, for example. Then there are the more bizarre story threads, like the mechanic (J.K. Simmons) who can predict the future or the recluse (John Savage) who lives in the woods with his bear, both of which remind us of the wonderful Northern Exposure (1990 1995).

In several of the best-known television series of the early 2000s, such as Josh Schwartz The O.C. (2003 2007) or Mark Schwahns One Tree Hill (2003 2012), we agree that Andy was the perfect role model to teenage Ryan (Ben McKenzie) but also that Andy was the worst person his children could ever be able to be. Despite his anger, Ephram continues to cry out for his father.

'Everwood' also focuses on moments of mutual respect between father and son.

Colin is left untreated by Andy's friends in the second episode of Season 2, where he is pushed out of the town and falls into a depression of sorts. However, Ephram stands by his father and attempts to persuade him that Colin's death is not his fault. When Ephram learns that Andy's new girlfriend Linda (Marcia Cross) is HIV, he feels concerned that his father's life may be at danger and that he might lose the only parent that he has left

Neither before nor since Everwood has a television series explored the parent-child dynamic in such depth, expertly reflecting the interactions we have with our own parents or children in real life. Indeed, one of the most wonderful aspects of the program is that we tend to switch positions depending on where we were at in our own lives at the time of viewing.

'Everwood' served as a showcase for emerging stars.

Everwood's narrative was exceptional, as the series was a masterclass in dramatic acting. Among the series' core cast were actors like Chris Pratt and Emily VanCamp, as well as veterans like Tom Amandes and Scott Wolf, as well as guest actors such as James Earl Jones, Betty White, and Philip Baker Hall.

Ephram suggests that Andy and his younger sister Delia (Vivien Cardone) leave Everwood with him when he learns about his father's decision to move to Julliard, revealing his displeasure to Andy from the inside, and Smith is similarly adept at bouncing off one another as he does so frequently when Andy attempts to explain his actions.

The likes of Party of Five (1994 2000), Six Feet Under (2001 2005) and, more recently, This is Us (2016 2022), will continue to be discussed for years to come. The themes remain relevant, and the acting is superb.