Sony claims that PSVR2 is not compatible with PSVR games

Sony claims that PSVR2 is not compatible with PSVR games ...

The PlayStation VR2 headset from Sony Interactive Entertainment will no longer be able to play games from the original PlayStation VR, according to the company on Friday.

PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR2, because PSVR2 is intended to be a truly next-generation VR experience, according to Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation's senior vice president of platform experience, in an interview with the Official PlayStation Podcast published Friday.

Nishino outlined what he called the PSVR2's more advanced features over the PSVR, such as inside-out tracking, eye tracking, 4K HDR support, and a new controller with adaptive triggers. This implies that developing games for the PSVR2 requires a completely different approach than the original PSVR.

We've reached out to Sony for further information.

Sony has focused on PSVR2 games that are in development for the new hardware: No Man's Sky: PlayStation VR2, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution, Resident Evil Village, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxys Edge - Enhanced Edition, and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

PSVR2 was announced in January, and the system is expected to debut in early 2023. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan, the system is preparing 20 major games for the launch.