A quest that harmed me was resolved in the Disney Dreamlight Valley patch

A quest that harmed me was resolved in the Disney Dreamlight Valley patch ...

The biggest fault in Disney Dreamlight Valley was the Dream Shards, a resource so scarce that many players, including me, were getting soft-locked out for days on end. However, developer Gameloft claims to have addressed the issue by correcting other pressing issues.

Dream Shards, a critical resource, will now spawn more often as a reward for feeding animals, clearing thorns, and cleaning up sparkling dirt.

Dreamlight Valley is an early access game, and technical issues have recently hampered some of that enjoyment. Based on what Ive heard and read, the Xbox Game Pass version is in much better shape than the Nintendo Switch version, which is apparently constantly crashing or glitching out. I havent encountered technical glitches more often than once or twice in the 19 hours Ive played, which does not feel irregular to me.

Ive reached a quest line that locks all the villagers inside their houses, except goddamn Kristoff, Merlin, and Rapunzels mom. Five Dream Shards, which are extremely rare. Only a few thorns spawn a day unless you unlock a new area, so I grinded cooking and fishing to unlock new areas.

My house is stuffed with cooked fish and fruit cups. (With everyone locked in their houses, I couldnt sell any items either, which means I had to dump everything onto the ground.)

After a few hours, I had enough Dreamlight points to unlock a new thorns area. Unfortunately, these thorns gave me coins and seeds not a single Dream Shard. So I had to start the process of grinding Dreamlight points again in hopes of one day finding five Dream Shards.

But I didnt need to take more than a week to find a solution by looking through the developers Twitter feed: Gameloft sent all players 25 Dream Shards to make up for the balance issues; my issues have now been resolved, and my town is now free. So if you're having this issue, check your mailbox even though there's nothing in the game that says you've got mail. It's a Band-Aid on a design flaw, even if the notification isn

Dream Shards shouldn't be a problem thanks to this update, which Gameloft has announced over the next few hours. However, be aware that your mailbox is also collecting Dream Shards.

Gameloft had not stated whether or not its altered spawn rates for other items such as flowers and other foraged resources were slowing down, but the Night Shard adjustment will give many players plenty of freedom.