Kens not divorced in Street Fighter 6!

Kens not divorced in Street Fighter 6! ...

For the past few months, Street Fighter fans were concerned about ol Ken Masters. In conjunction with some bleak personal revelations for Ryus longtime opponent, things were looking pretty bleak. However, Ken is not divorced from his loving wife in Street Fighter 6.

But the true story that explains Ken's downtrodden new appearance isn't that great.

Ken was shown to be stuttering, grungy, and generally depressed in June, the same month as his previous two games in the Street Fighter series. His wife, Eliza, had shown Ken the door and served him divorce papers.

Eliza kicked Ken out and took the kids because of his interest in street fighting, despite his comfortable position in life as the heir to a multibillion dollar hotel fortune. The real story, according to Capcom, is that Ken has had to abandon his family and business and go into hiding.

So, things are still pretty bleak for poor Ken, not to mention Eliza and their son Mel, who are apparently on the run and living on the streets. So who is behind Ken being framed for a crime he did not commit? Shadaloo? The Mad Gear Gang? The Secret Society? Maybe the Street Fighter 6s story mode will clarify things when it launches next year.