Azkaban, Ollivanders Heirloom, and other Hogwarts Legacy house-exclusive quests

Azkaban, Ollivanders Heirloom, and other Hogwarts Legacy house-exclusive quests ...

Whichever one of the four Hogwarts houses you choose has a minor impact on general gameplay. However, players of each unique Hogwarts house will be presented with at least one unique house-exclusive quest to embark on, meaning the house you choose does have a bearing on the game.

These house-exclusive quests offer completely different experiences. Any Hogwarts Legacy player who wants to experience everything that the magical game has to offer will want to play through the game as a different character within each of the four Hogwarts houses.

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Hogwarts Legacy includes all house-exclusive quests.

There are currently four known house-exclusive quests, each one being linked to a specific Hogwarts house. All four quests begin right before the main story quest for "Jackdraw's Rest" and center around figuring out how to meet Richard Jackdraw.

Here's a breakdown of every single house-exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • “Prisoner of Love” quest

Hufflepuff is thought to only have one house-exclusive quest titled "Prisoner of Love." This quest grants players access to a few exclusive areas of the witchcraft and wizarding world, but most importantly is the only way that players may see Azkaban.

Eldritch Diggory is well-known among Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire characters, and it is quite fun to speak to a portrait of his relative.

Eldritch Diggory will invite players to meet with his relative in Hogsmeade in order to solve the unsolved murder of Richard Jackdaw. This will take players to Azkaban before returning to the Hogwarts area in search of a vault.

All of this will lead to players meeting Richard Jackdaw in order to obtain the main story quest "Jackdraw's Rest." This quest is a must-do for any Harry Potter fan wanting to see Azkaban because this is the only way to get to the prison.

  • “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest

Players in the Slytherin exclusive quest are followed as they help Scrope, a house-elf named Scrope, who belongs to the Black family, which includes Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Narcissa Malfoy from the Harry Potter franchise.

Scrope wants players to help him retrieve a ring that is hidden in a cave. It will be given to the Headmaster as a present, so players will need to explore the hidden Grotto to find it and assist him.

The pages that players are looking for are also located in the cave. Players must complete all requirements to begin the main story quest of "Jackdraw's Rest."

  • “The Hunt for the Missing Pages” quest

Because the quest for the missing pages honors Harry Potter's experiences in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you'll want to make sure you play as a Gryffindor at some point in Hogwarts Legacy.

Gryffindor students will need to meet with their house ghost, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, or as he is more commonly known, Nearly Headless Nick, to obtain the main story quest for "Jackdraw's Rest." He will then ask players to help out with his pitch to join the Headless Hunt, just as he will do again many years later with Harry Potter.

The first step of this quest is to go to the kitchen and locate the rotten roast beef in the far back area of the room. So Sir Nicholas is hoping that presenting the Headless Hunt with the present will finally grant him membership.

Sir Nicholas warns players that an individual who will be there, named Richard Jackdaw, may know about the missing pages, which is why he is enlisting the player's assistance. Players will go to the graveyard in Hogsmeade, where a complete ghostly party is taking place.

Sir Nicholas will be denied membership to the Headless Hunt and will wish players good fortune before leaving. Players will then need to complete a pumpkin hide-and-seek game where they must locate Richard Jackdaw's head hidden among the pumpkins five times before the quest will be concluded and they will then begin the main story quest "Jackdraw's Rest."

Any Harry Potter fan should do this quest because it allows them to have a very similar experience as Harry Potter himself when Sir Nicholas asks for his assistance with the Headless Hunt. It is particularly enjoyable to see since the book's title isn't used in the films.

  • “Ollivander’s Heirloom” quest

Those who are members of the Ravenclaw house will embark on a quest related to Mr. Ollivander in order to discover the missing pages that they need. This quest begins by visiting Mr. Ollivander in Hogsmeade, where he'll task players with discovering a wand that went missing long ago.

Players will need to use the Accio spell to discover the required Jackdaw statues in Hogwarts castle's Owlery.

Players must restore the statues to their correct locations after they have obtained all of the statues. Doing this correctly will result in players finishing the house-exclusive quest and beginning their interactions with Richard Jackdaw for the main story quest "Jackdraw's Rest."

These four house-exclusive quests are the only ones that have been discovered yet. If any more are discovered, this guide will be updated with all of the relevant information.

Which Hogwarts Legacy house-exclusive quest will you be trying first?

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