In The Last of Us, who are Ish and Danny?

In The Last of Us, who are Ish and Danny? ...

With a few tweaks here and there, The Last of Us' TV adaptation remains faithful to the game's emotional journey. Inspired by the countless notes that were scattered around the story, director Craig Mazin and his team enriched the program with Easter eggs, one of which features Ish and Danny.

In the fifth episode of the Last of Us season one, viewers were introduced to Ish and Danny through a drawing. The couple didn't get a background like Bill and Frank in the show, but the game's lore notes should suffice to briefly introduce the two characters.

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Who were Ish and Danny in the Last of Us?

In the Last of Us, Ish and Danny were two survivors who lived in an underground camp in Pittsburgh.

The two were considered to be the "protectors" of this underground community. Despite playing an important role within their society, Ish and Danny never received any screen time in the game or the television series.

Joel and Ellie stumbled upon the famous Kansas City drawing in the show, but it was because the show took the liberty to relocate the Pittsburgh plot there.

As the epidemic spread across Pittsburgh, Ish began working on a ship out in the sea. The sewer had a metal entrance and a fence, and Ish soon established himself as a safe house.

The underground sewer community had its own school, showers, and rain catchers when Danny goes into the sewers later in the story and discovers Ish's vibrant community. Ish and Danny struck it off quite quickly and became the "protectors" of the community. The two would go to supply runs, retrieving gear and rifles from fallen soldiers.

A horde of infected people knocked open the entrance to the community's safe house, forcing the infected to corner them. During the turmoil, group members Ish, Sudan, and some children discovered a way to escape the sewers.

Danny's fate remained a mystery as the notes did not reveal what happened to him during or after the horde attack.