Resurrected Apex Legends? According to leaks, one character will be reborn

Resurrected Apex Legends? According to leaks, one character will be reborn ...

Season 16 of Apex Legends is only a few days away, and it promises to be one of the best seasons Respawn has ever created for its players. There isn't a new character coming up, as the developers take an off-season to complete a large amount of work on existing characters, game modes, and more.

However, players will not have to wait long for a new legend. Rumors have sparked for a while now about the likely new legend to join the fray in season 17. However, recent leaks have suggested that a current legend might be completely changed—or even “replaced” entirely.

Thordan Smash, an Apex Insider, has revealed a few of the leaks on his YouTube channel, and the character in question is being dubbed "Revenant Reborn" in some internal builds of the game, according to Thordan and his source.

It's unclear whether this will be a Revenant rework or a new character altogether, but it's important to note that "Revenant Reborn" reportedly takes over as Revenant in those builds, and does not have its own character slot. Revenant Reborn throws a bullet instead of a Death Totem, and the two players face off in a one-vs-one match.

If true, this would be the first time an ability based on Void would not be associated with invulnerability. The entire purpose of Wraith's ability kit and Ash's ultimate ability is to temporarily keep players in the Void where they cannot take damage while moving from one place to another. This Void ultimate seems to fit Revenant's "synthetic nightmare" description quite nicely.

Revenant has seemed to be on the verge of being revamped for a while. He's a character that is extremely difficult to fight against, with a long Silence tactical that disables enemy abilities and an ultimate that requires teams to kill a Revenant team twice. Both of these annoying qualities make him more difficult to get into a good position balance-wise, because any changes either seem too weak to make him useful or increase his value too much, making him appear to be completely overpowered.

While Thordan's source claimed that any reborn Revenant might arrive at Apex in season 19 or 20, it would most likely arrive in season 16. If the rumors are correct, the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 would be the most likely time for this version of Revenant to appear, if he does indeed.

Fans of Forge may not be expecting a reboot, but it's certainly an interesting idea that might be heading for Apex shortly.