Kiriko, Overwatch 2's new hero, is the support character for Genji lovers

Kiriko, Overwatch 2's new hero, is the support character for Genji lovers ...

Kiriko, a support-type who blurs the line between damage dealer and healer, will be the first character to be earned through the free-to-play games battle pass.

Kiriko was created with Overwatch 2's new 5v5 team compositions in mind, according to associate narrative designer Kyungseo Min in a developer update video revealing the new ninjas abilities. She is fast, according to Min, and she can deal with tiny skirmishes, which happens much more often in 5v5.

Kiriko, an Overwatch 2 concept artist, is a battle healer who gets into the action as well as out of combat, according to Qiu Fang. She is not a sit-back-and-heal type of hero.

Min stated that Kirikos' design was heavily inspired by a well-known Overwatch hero, Genji. In fact, one of the main objectives of this character was [asking], How can we create a DPS support hero that DPS players [who] like Genji would enjoy playing?

Kiriko's primary role and function in an Overwatch 2 team is to heal and protect her allies. Her primary ability is the Healing Ofuda, which allows her to throw paper talismans infused with healing abilities to her fast-moving foes, such as Genji and Mercy. Another ability called Swift Step allows Kiriko to travel quickly and through multiple walls to close the distance to those who require healing.

Piero Herrera, Overwatch 2's senior hero designer, says she'll just be able to jump in there and assist them with a cleanse or the invulnerability frames. It's possible for bizarre combos to arise because of this interaction.

Just like Genji and Hanzo, giving her additional mobility is the ability to climb walls.

Kiriko's secondary ability is her kunai, a blade weapon that she can use very quickly to kill opponents. Her kunai are fast, but they have little overall damage, according to Fang. Still, critical hits with the kunai deal significant damage.

Kiriko can also grant herself and her allies temporary invulnerability, similar to Baptiste's other support characters, by throwing her Protection Suzu, a small bell, towards them or on the ground. The bell will also cleanse allies of debuffs like Anas Biotic Grenade or Junker Queens Rampage.

Protection Suzu is a lengthy, 14-second cooldown, which players will need to use very cautiously.

Kiriko's ultimate ability, Kitsune Rush, summons the spirit fox and ghostly torii gates that Blizzard has been teasing for more than a month now. Kitsune Rush is a massive buff that gives Kiriko and his allies a ton of movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown reduction. It's very powerful, according to Fang, and perfect for initiating an assault on an objective.

Kirikos is a design taken from an Overwatch 2 PvE component by Blizzard. She was initially outfitted with a massive, fidget spinner-inspired throwing star, and she had a somewhat more traditional ninjalike appearance. Blizzard eventually merged that with the traditional dress of a miko, a Shinto shrine maiden, and modern streetwear styles.

Kiriko is a young lady who was raised by a fierce ninja of a mother who also trained Genji and Hanzo in Overwatches' Hanamura arcades. Despite her name, Shell appears to redirect any disrespect or sass sent her way.

Min said she's pretty joking. Im really interested for everyone to see how she interacts with [other heroes] in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.

When Overwatch 2 launches on October 4th, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, players will get to see Kiriko in action.