Sakurai's Videos Are Already Shown By Game Development Lecturers

Sakurai's Videos Are Already Shown By Game Development Lecturers ...

Masahiro Sakurai's YouTube videos are causing quite a stir in the video game industry. With short, snappy delivery and easy-to-understand principles, they're both a hit with industry veterans and newcomers alike.

Sakurai's videos have already been used in game development courses, as expected, according to the artist @JokarioArt via Automaton. The first one is presented during a game-making class, which then leads to a demonstration of one of Sakurai's videos - the one on making realistic trees!

The video was likely used to entice attendees to whatever the lecture topic would be, since the student notes that only five minutes were spent on the video out of a two-hour and forty-five-minute class. Still, it's cool that Sakurai's videos are actually being used in an academic setting!

Sakurai has recently surpassed 700,000 views on his YouTube channel, and more recently has broken the 1,000,000 follower barrier on Twitter; he's certainly popular, right?

Are you surprised that Sakurai's videos are already used in game development presentations? Have you ever seen them yourself? Let us know!

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