Here's how to make every MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One Planeswalker, ranked

Here's how to make every MTG Phyrexia: All Will Be One Planeswalker, ranked ...

Phyrexia: All Will Be One is the first set of Magic: The Gathering in 2023, and it commemorates the return of Rare Planeswalkers.

Rare Planeswalkers have a greater impact on Constructed formats due to their increased frequency of showing up. Despite that, the last time Magic players saw Rare Planeswalkers in War of the Spark, they had a significant impact on several formats.

Each Planeswalker in ONE is playable and worth doing, although some cards are better than others. Here is a list of the worst to the best Planeswalkers in ONE.

Tyvar, a Jubilant Brawler

Tyvar is a fantastic combo enabler in eternal formats but it lacks any impact in Standard. There just aren't enough useful activated abilities for B/G decks to benefit from what Tyvar enables. This is still a solid value Planeswalker, though it doesn't have the same recursion abilities as other cards.

Nahiri, the Unforgiving, is the author of "Unforgiving."

Thanks to the changes that were made in ONE, R/W Equipment might have some impact on Standard going forward. Nahiri is a fantastic tool for that archetype and offers two very useful abilities. The second +1 ability allows the player to loot, which is crucial in White and Red decks that usually lack options to draw cards.

Nahiri will earn her spot in the 75 due to the 0 loyalty ability, which works well when combined with creatures' enter-the-battlefield triggers. The R/W archetype isn't yet at the top of Standard, but if it does emerge, look for her to be a major card.

Kaya, the Intangible Slayer, is a story set in the mythology.

Kaya has proved to be worth the investment as a role player in W/B/X control lists. She starts the game with six mana and then draws you two cards. These abilities in a control shell are game-breaking in how effective they are.

Fire of Resistance, Koth

Big Red might be back on the menu in Standard. It's a strong four-mana Planeswalker that helps you consistently hit land drops with its +2, and is a good value piece for Red decks that want to overwhelm the opponent with damage spells and expensive threats with Flying and Haste. The ultimate isn't difficult to get to either, while the -7 is a game-winning ability that allows you to deal four damage to anything whenever a Mountain enters the battlefield.

Lukka, Bound to Ruins

Lukka is a Planeswalker that looks fine when reading the card, but its value arises when you encounter an R/G deck and it resolves this five-mana house of a card. The +1 mana effect allows you to continue using pressure through creatures, leaving you with one loyalty counter to spare when cast for full price.

The Perfected Mind, Jace

Jace is a versatile Planeswalker that does not do a great job of protecting itself, but it can generate enough value in one turn that it's worth using, even if it gets immediately removed. Later, this ability has the potential to draw three cards, which is a big plus for any Blue List.

Dancing Shadow, Kaito

Despite the lack of a Ninja-tribal archetype, Kaito is a powerful value Planeswalker in Standard. This four-mana Planeswalker plays can block or disrupt a creature's ability to gain ground in battle. These 2/2 Artifact tokens come packed with Deathtouch, making them deadly blockers.

Nissa, an ascended animist, has been honored.

Nissa can be easily defeated as a seven-mana overrun effect during a turn's combat phase. It is a powerful ability that works well when many lists have important Artifacts and Enchantments to enable their game plans. Sadly for Green players, Nissa can't be found with Storm the Festival.

Betrayal's Sting: Vraska

In the wake of the release of ONE, poison is all the rage in Standard. Vraska is a powerful top-end finisher for Toxic that can help you achieve ten poison counters. The -1 is a solid piece of removal that plays much better than it appears on its face value.

The Eternal Wanderer

The Wanderer is a two-for-two on fantastic Planeswalker cards. The static ability is a great way to protect yourself. With Double Strike, Planeswalkers are often destroyed by multiple creatures. The -2 is a useful reset ability that wipes the board leaving one creature for each player standing.