In Modern Warfare 2, can you cancel?

In Modern Warfare 2, can you cancel? ...

The advent of the slide cancel, which was an unintended feature in a few recent Call of Duty games, altered how players moved around in the FPS franchise.

Many players are unsure if the latest iteration of the series will include this technique in the next iteration.

Slide canceling was not intended to be included into the games, although many players discovered the wonderful button press functionality and CoD developers decided to keep it as a feature.

Here's the skinny on MW2's slide canceling.

How to slide cancel in MW2

Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone's broken movement freaks might have to reimagine their whole playstyle for the sequel. It was proven during Call of Duty: Next and again with the start of the PlayStation open beta for the sequel, that you cannot cancel.

In MW2, you can sprint and then hit the crouch button, but there's no way to finish the slide animation like you could in previous games. The movement that you use depends on how fast you're running at the time of the crouch button press.

In MW2, it will be a difficult first few games for slide cancel fans, but once that is done, the speed demons who zoom around the map with their favorite SMG might find a home with the new games new movement style.

Things may always change, though. Players may discover a way to do it in the future, or it may even be re-added to the game by popular demand.