John Travolta has big ideas for his Super Bowl commercial with Zach Braff and Donald Faison

John Travolta has big ideas for his Super Bowl commercial with Zach Braff and Donald Faison ...

T-Mobile may be responsible for one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time, as John Travolta, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison join forces to play neighbors in a residential area that's entertainment-driven by the telecom giant. Travolta's interpretation of everyone's new favorite trio is where the magic really begins.

Travolta said that the interdependence between the three is something he isn't willing to give up. In fact, the whole experience has inspired him to channel their energy and do something unique with it.

Fans were quick to agree that seeing Travolta, Braff, and Faison performing in a more profound manner would be a dream come true. Will they travel the country for a concert full of Grease spoofs? Will they surprise us all and compose their own music?

During his interview with Variety, Travolta revealed a surprising fact: it was the first time he was asked to spoof a track from the world-famous musical circus.

If this one commercial isn't enough for you, we've got the solution. T-Mobile knew we'd be begging for more between these three, so they gave us a more extended one, featuring even more phenomenal conversation, singing, and relatable displeasure over slow internet connections.

We understand that you're wanting to see Grease right now, but don't forget that something huge will be shown on television tonight. During the big game, a slew of commercials and movie trailers will be released, and since we're missing Joe Burrow on the field, we're sure that's where the excitement lies.

With a Rakuten commercial, Clueless is taking us back to one of the most significant debates in film history, Doritos is reuniting fans with Breaking Bad, and Rihanna will take the stage for the half-time performance, and wow us all.