Ryan Reynolds apologizes for so heavily focusing on the other football in a Super Bowl commercial

Ryan Reynolds apologizes for so heavily focusing on the other football in a Super Bowl commercial ...

The Super Bowl is the largest event on earth today, and there is no other news that can match it, or so it appears. Ryan Reynolds found a way with a very clever promo to draw attention to his Aviation Gin in one of the most inventive ways.

Reynolds announces that he will be able to win two tickets to the Super Bowl next year. He has been a fanatical supporter of the Wrexham football team throughout the season. His head is in a completely different space as he watches his football team kick a ball around a rectangular field today at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Reynolds' involvement in the NFL is quite simple. He explains the "other football" while promoting the Super Bowl and his own Gin brand. It's just good marketing and excellent timing.

Tom Brady wasn't the only one, although he was well-known for educating NFL fans that anything can happen in a minute. It only takes a few seconds to score a touchdown and break the heart of the other team. That's why he's the GOAT. Reynolds is giving everyone two minutes.

If anybody played football, they understand what the two-minute drill is. Get on it! There are a lot of tickets on the line.

In case anyone missed the point where they have to go to get involved in the action, it was shown in the video, and here it is now.

Deadpool snuck up an opportunity on the NFL's biggest day of the year to highlight his Gin and his "other team," but don't hold that against him. It's an opportunity, and supporters should be jumping on it on both occasions that were mentioned in the promo.

When someone goes to the site, they receive a very funny warning. Rewatch the video again and know when to go to the site to register.

Sitting in a recliner chair and watching the Super Bowl is different from being there. Here is a chance to see the big game. Don't miss it!