In the 65 Super Bowl teaser, Adam Driver battles dinos

In the 65 Super Bowl teaser, Adam Driver battles dinos ...

During Super Bowl 2023, trailers for the most popular Hollywood films have been rolling in fast and furious, including a very quick spot for Sony's 65, which depicts Adam Driver confronting dinosaurs with a wide array of sci-fi weapons that would fit right at home in a Halo game.

In case you weren't already aware, the purpose behind 65 is a haunting one—both prehistoric and futuristic—that is rewriting humanity's history. In the universe shaped by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, both of whom are writing a book, humans are interstellar travelers searching for a new home.

A star ship accident occurs 65 million years before present day, on a dinosaur-dominated and hostile Earth. Mills (Adam Driver) and Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) are the sole survivors, and the pair utilize a wide array of sci-fi gadgets and weapons to try their best to survive in unfamiliar and dangerous territory.

Sony went all out with starpower both in front of the camera and behind the scenes for this film, with famed horror producer Sam Raimi hired to produce, and the score coming from Danny Elfman's original ideas.

A long first trailer for The Flash and a preview of the new Transformers film were among the other Super Bowl heavy-hitters, with many more to come as the night progresses.

On March 10, a 65 collision will be in cinemas next month.