Fans of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever have a very specific Namor question that needs to be answered

Fans of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever have a very specific Namor question that needs to be answered ...

A wonderful thing about the internet is that we have a wide network of experts to answer our questions at the click of a button. And for Marvel fans, that means they can find out practically anything their heart desires when they have a worldwide network of sleuths at their disposal. They want to know what bird Namor's ankle wings are based on.

Though the issue may appear to be an obvious one, there was certainly a fair amount of effort and effort put into this decision in pre-production, and then a lot more time in post-production where artists used CGI to create those wings. So given that, there is probably a concept artist and a few visual designers out there that are really happy that someone is asking these questions.

Namor's wings aren't a part of his human heritage, nor are they derived from the powers he gained from drinking the flower that transformed his people into the Talokanil; they're, in fact, a mutation, making him one of the first and oldest mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Hermes, the Greek mythological figure, is likely to have inspired the winged feet.

Namor's wings are a part of his body, sprouting from his ankles, like Hermes. Now, fans want to know exactly what bird the wings were inspired by.

Many experts agreed that the Osprey might be a viable option after one fan mentioned it.

They do move as if they aren't as colorful as a hummingbird's wings.

One user confirms that this was the case.

Several chose to go with other birds of prey.

Is this person implying Namor is a chicken?

Tenoch's "method" acting is firmly believed by one user.

The decision to go with the white wings was a disappointment for some, given all the brightly colored native birds found in this part of the world.

Namor's wings will re-grow back after being cut off, according to what we know.

Namor's wings are inspired by a bird, although it's still unclear which bird they came from, but there's one thing we all know: there's no way he'll be able to jump off the ground with these small things.