All of the weapons from the Modern Warfare 2 beta are shown here

All of the weapons from the Modern Warfare 2 beta are shown here ...

Modern Warfare 2 will be a delight for firearm enthusiasts and Call of Duty enthusiasts alike.

Weapon Platforms are included in MW2, and once you unlock specific attachments within that platform, you may use them on every pistol in the platform itself.

The M4 assault rifle and the FSS Hurricane submachine gun are both included in the M4 Platform, thus you may level up and unlock attachments for the SMG while using the M4, and once you unlock the FSS Hurricane via its Receiver attachment, you will already have many attachments unlocked.

MW2 is expected to receive periodic seasonal updates for the foreseeable future, so there will be plenty of guns in the game added over time. That means there's always something to unlock or level up online.

Warzone 2.0 will also support MW2s weapons, so there is plenty to look forward to in the coming seasons. The metas will certainly change, and players will be searching for the finest weapon and attachment combinations in the game.

Here are some highlights from MW2.

Assault rifles

Lachman-556 (Platform: Lachmann Meer)

M4(Platform: M4 Platform)

M16 (Platform: M4 Platform)

Kastov-74u (Platform: AK Platform)

TAQ-56(Platform: Unknown)

Battle rifles

FTAC Recon(Platform: M4 Platform)

Lachman-762 (Platform: Lachman Meer)

Submachine guns

Lachmann Sub(Platform: Lachman Meer)

Hurricane by FSS (Platform: M4 Platform)

Fennec 45(Platform: Fennec)


Expedite 12 (Platform: Unknown)

Light machine guns

445 Icarus (Platform: M4 Platform)

RAPP H(Platform: Lachman Meer)

Sakin MG38(Platform: Unknown)

Marksman rifles

LM-S(Platform: Lachmann Meer)

Lockwood MK2 (Platform: Unknown)

Sniper rifles

Signal 50 (Platform: Unknown)


X12(Platform: XRK)

X13 Auto (Platform: XRK)


PILA(Platform: Unknown)

JOKR (Platform: Unknown)

As new weapons are added to MW2, this article will be updated.