In League of Legends, the best Jhin skins

In League of Legends, the best Jhin skins ...

Jhin is one of League of Legends' most popular champions. Among league players, he is widely regarded as one of the games most visually and cosmetically appealing champions. With a truly unique and horrific aesthetic, Jhin stands out as one of the League's few game champions that the League skin team can truly go all out for.

Since his appearance in 2016, Jhin has seven total skins. Riot has been more adamant to provide Jhin more cosmetic options, usually once or twice per year since his release six years ago.

He is also a popular League player due to his two skins created in recognition of World Cup winners (2016 SK Telecom and 2020 DAMWON Gaming).

Jhins skins are some of the greatest in League of Legends, with a wide variety of standout colors and engaging alternate ability animations across the board. Here are a few of our favorite Jhin skins from League of Legends.

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark Cosmic Jhin is a legendary skin that makes him seem more like a demigod than a human. Each of Jhin's abilities are laden with dark blue stardust and galactic visuals, while his Captive Audience (E) appears like a hole when he's stepped on by an opposing player.

Shan Hai Scrolls Jhin

Shan Hai Scrolls is one of Jhin's most complex skins because it combines fiery effects with stunning visuals; the skin itself feels as though it has been ripped directly from an artists canvas; this skin's bright orange and smoky blue color scheme is a feat that no other skin in the game has.

Project: Jhin

Project Jhin is a complete turn for the champion in every way imaginable with futuristic ability animations and a cyborg-like character model. The synth beat thats accompanied by a slowly building string orchestra is imposing and grand in every way.

Blood Moon Jhin

Blood Moon Jhin, one of the most powerful additions to the Blood Moon skin line, is a timeless classic. The skin was Jhin's first post-release skin that he received, and has stood up even against other champions' more recent cosmetics. Notably, the crimson and violet color combinations that have always been associated with the Blood Moon skin line never wear out.