In Destiny 2's Kings Fall raid, how do I complete the Under Construction (Daughters) challenge?

In Destiny 2's Kings Fall raid, how do I complete the Under Construction (Daughters) challenge? ...

The guardians must confront Oryx' daughters, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk, before they can destroy anyone who hears their Deathsong. In the Daughters encounter, your goal is to destroy them before they can sing.

The Daughters encounter requires players to stand on specific plates to acquire the Brand Stealer buff, then steal the Brand from one of the two sisters. This removes the shield that protects one of the Daughters of Oryx, allowing the fireteam to damage her. Here's how to complete it.

In Destiny 2s Kings Fall raid, how do I complete Under Construction (Daughters challenge)?

Players must not stand on the same plate twice during the same construction phase for this challenge, although Torn players seem to count for this challenge). This means players will have to keep track of which platforms they already stood on if theyre assisting in the progression to the Brand Stealer buff. For example, if someone stood on the front left or back right, they must not stand on that same platform again until the damage phase finishes, which counts as a reset in the challenge.

Players from the other side should assist and help if needed. For instance, three guardians could take the plates on the front while another three could take care of the back (this works regardless of where you stand on the debate about whether Oryx spawns in the front or the back of the room).

The damage phase will require players to step on six different platforms (building the pathways three times). This means players should keep an eye on where they have or have not stood, as well as players should be familiar with the callouts and the mechanics used.

Although the Daughters encounter is fairly short on time, players should have enough time to complete the tasks necessary to steal the Brand from the Daughters and melt them with their weapons in the regular version of the Kings Fall raid.

After you've completed the challenge, a new chest will appear, giving you more encounter loot (or, in the case of the Master version, gifting you with an Adept weapon). It's also the last challenge before Oryx.