Dreamers are displeased that the Minecraft creator has released a merchandise item

Dreamers are displeased that the Minecraft creator has released a merchandise item ...

Dream, a popular Minecraft streamer, is getting backlash from followers after making a strange piece of merchandise, a slap wristband with a USB containing childhood emails, gaming and meme screenshots, and infant photos.

Many content creators go down this path in an attempt to diversify their income streams and broaden their brand awareness. Dream may have created one of the most unique, though potentially off-putting, selections of merchandise yet.

The members-only slap band, which is still available for purchase at $24.99, appears to be a simple green bracelet with the content creators name spread across. Details reveal that this is more than a simple wrist accessory.

The band includes a flash drive that contains special dream content, such as baby photos, childhood messages, chapter from Dreams books, gaming screenshots, and famous memes.

I thought this was satire. Dream or any other celebrity if you buy a wristband with their baby pictures, memes, childhood emails then its weird and you are weird. Spin it however you want to try and normalize it, it's still weird.

Many fans labelled the USB contents as odd and even promoting potentially harmful parasocial behaviors. Others, though, found the wristband strange, viewed the simple green band as appealing and appeared likely to purchase it upon its release.

does the dream usb slap wristband also include his social security number on the inside?

More viewers commented on the ridiculousness of the purchase, asking if the creators' social security would be included on the USB alongside the already personal content already included. Though Dreams wristband may not be the greatest seller, it has certainly enthralled his fans.