Ellie has left the XSETs female VALORANT roster

Ellie has left the XSETs female VALORANT roster ...

Ellie, one of the original members of XSET's female VALORANT roster, had announced that she would leave the company after a disappointing performance in the last North American Game Changers event, where the team was eliminated in the closed qualifier.

Ellie's inclusion in the last Game Changers event is still a surprise. She has been a staple player for the team since she was signed to the organization in September 2021.

NOTHING2LOSE is a non-org-less team that had been consistently excellent in Game Changers and other non-male tournaments. The team had good synergy and solid players, and it was only natural for XSET to pick them up.

Ellie was an integral part of NOTHING2LOSE, but got her start in competitive VALORANT with Man I Love Fwogs. MILF is an unsigned team, but is well-known as a starting point for many women in the female VALORANT scene. Lx, formerly known as Lynn, who played for Gen.G but has now returned to CS:GO, also got her start with MILF.

Ellie has been a joy to watch since her days with MILF. She brings both consistency and flashiness to any team she plays on. She is also adaptable, having played nearly every role across her three teams earlier this year.

Ellie's gap on XSET will be a difficult one to fill for the team. After becoming an integral part of both the female VALORANT team and the organization as a whole, other members of the organization expressed their gratitude to her.

@EllieGGs, your time at XSET was instrumental in the development of our female VALORANT team, and we can't wait to see what you've achieved next. #RepTheSet pic.twitter.com/9Xchzuzn0B

starriebun and artStar are currently playing alongside Danish players Cille and Noia. XSET also lost its longtime coach, Ducky, in June, and Ellies' departure confirms a new trajectory.

Ellies' departure was announced in a tweet, revealing a new addition. This player may have nothing to do with the female VALORANT roster, but it may need a fifth player very soon.

New XSET member. September 21 @ 3PM ET. pic.twitter.com/N6dLBjx9Xp

Ellie's Twitter bio has been changed to simply say Professional Valorant for? following her departure, indicating she is either looking for or has found a new club.