In WoW: Classic, where can I find Mithril Casing?

In WoW: Classic, where can I find Mithril Casing? ...

Mithril Casing is a craftable item in World of Warcraft: Classic that has many uses, from crafting items to serving as a quest objective. Mithril Casings are a sought-after item in WoW Classic, particularly in its later stages.

For the quest Chasing A-Me 01 in UnGoro Crater, Mithril Casing is required. The quest requires you to repair a mechanical gorilla deep in one of UnGoros caves, but you cant do so until you have found a Mithril Casing.

Mithril Casing is relatively easy to obtain since it can be purchased from the auction house for less than one gold.

Engineers may also create Mithril Casings. All you need to have are three Mithril Bars, a blacksmith hammer, and an arclight spanner to create one Mithril Casing.

After you've either crafted or purchased a Mithril Casing, you can return to A-Me 01 in UnGoro Crater and begin the next (and final) part of the gorillas quest chain, which involves you accompanying her back to Karna Remtravel just outside Marshals Refuge.

If you are not looking to complete Chasing A-Me 01, you may also use Mithril Casings as crafting materials for mid-level items such as the Deepdive Helmet and Thorium Rifle.