Metroid Prime Remastered's Ice Beam Techniques

Metroid Prime Remastered's Ice Beam Techniques ...

Players will notice White-colored doors in Metroid Prime Remastered, which is one of the later improvements that Samus can get to. It also involves returning to an earlier area in typical Metroidvania fashion.

When do you unlock the Ice Beam in Metroid Prime Remastered?

After defeating Thardus, the boss of Phrendrana Drifts, players may begin looking for the Ice Beam. This will give them access to the Spider Ball ability, which allows Samus to ride along the magnetic rails in Morph Ball form. Once this happens, players will eventually receive a notification that temperatures have dropped in one area of the Chozo Ruins. This area is the Antechamber, and it's pretty far away on the map.

What are the methods used by Metroid Prime Remastered players to obtain the Ice Beam?

The first step to get to the Antechamber in Metroid Prime Remastered is to go to the Energy Core in the Chozo Ruins. There is a faraway door that players couldn't see at the time, but it can now be unlocked with the Morph Ball Bomb. Three electrical switches around the area are also available.

From the beginning of the room, head left to the Morph Ball tunnel. There should be a Stone Toad nearby, so enter Morph Ball mode, let him swallow Samus up, and blow up the Toad to access the first electrical component.

In Metroid Prime Remastered, is it possible to cross the lava without suffering damage?

After activating, the water will flow in the main room, allowing Samus to activate the other two units. Going through the door will lead Samus down a strange passageway. A Chozo statue is there, but it's also a hideout for Chozo Ghosts, a new foe.

The Chozo Ghosts are tricky to control because they are immune to the three beam elements. Samus will need to use her normal Charge Beam to defeat these guys. The best approach to this fight is to charge the beam while the Ghosts are invisible, and then fire once they are in view.

Morph Ball enters the Chozo statue once the Chozo Ghosts have been eliminated. She can then take Samus to the other side of the room, where she can carry her Spider Ball around to a new area. This is the entrance to the Reflecting Pool and the Antechamber.

Samus must get rid of the Stone Toads around when she enters the Reflecting Pool. This is done easily by using the Boost Ball inside the water. From there, the pool will be drained, allowing Samus to enter the second level of the room with the Boost Ball, allowing her access to the Antechamber and the Ice Beam inside.

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