BitLife's best practices for sacking employees

BitLife's best practices for sacking employees ...

If you are unsure how to get rid of a low-performing or difficult employee from yourStartup Businessin BitLife, it's simple. Under the CEO of (your business name), you must look for an option calledEmployees. However, clicking on an employee's name will open their Relationship tab. One of these options is aFire option.

You should only fire an employee if they committed an unreasonable offence or had little tono competence. If you dismiss an employee who performs admirably without warning, you may be sued for wrongful termination. Fortunately, you may avoid lawsuits by checking an employee's competence.

How to check Employee Competence in BitLife

Under the Employee menu option, click on an employee and look at the top of the next page. We highly recommend only firing employees who have little to no competence or who do outrageous things like dumping coffee on your desk on purpose.