In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I complete Depuslo Puzzle Room Two?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I complete Depuslo Puzzle Room Two? ...

After completing the initial set of Herodiana's trials in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll have access to two additional puzzle rooms that you can challenge yourself with. At the end, you'll receive a collection chest with a Telescope Conjuration Spell. We can assist you through this puzzle room.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Depulso Puzzle Room Two?

The easiest way to get to this puzzle room is via the West Tower Floo Flame stand, but you should start at the Transfiguration classroom in the Astronomy Wing section first. You'll soon notice another small door on your left that has a level one lock, then proceed down the passageway and turn left into an Egyptian inspired corridor. Depulso Puzzle Room Two will be on your right.

Use Depulso on the golden knob to open Depulso Puzzle Room Two, just as you opened the Halls of Herodiana. Step in and proceed down the corridor to your first puzzle room.

Room Two of Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle Solution

Depulso Puzzles are a two-part puzzle, and you will be likely to be using both of them frequently on a spell wheel for convenience. When you use Accio, be aware that your player character will be transported to the start, and the puzzle will reset. You can reset puzzle blocks without resetting your position by using a basic strike on the glowing cubes nestled in a golden stand.

Room Two of Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle: How to Get to the First Chest

The first stage of Depulso Puzzle Room Two is to reach the chest on the left, facing you upwards, then backwards. Look around the L shaped block to join the T shaped block together into a large platform. It should look as shown below.

The only thing to do here is to jump from the corner of the platform across to the alcove. It's possible to miss, but you'll be able to climb back up if you do it. As Molly Weasly says, "Do it at a bit of a run, if you're nervous."

Once you've entered the alcove, the room will open up, and you'll see a stairway down a level. Open your treasure chest, then prepare to do a lot more block shifting to exit the room.

Room Two of Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle: How to Leave the First Room

Starting from the alcove platform, pull the single block shown below across the room with Accio. It will coordinate with the T shaped block.

Next look at the golden brick below and directly across from the platform. Push or pull it to the right, then down into the corner, near the point where the single block you pulled came from.

You may stay on the platform and carefully draw the two bricks shown above together, or you may walk down the staircase and push the two blocks into each other from the opposite side. Once the blocks are connected, you'll need to return to the platform and draw the connected block toward you, just underneath the platform.

The L shaped block below the platform should be moved to the opposite side of the room, near the exit door. Then look back to the tall L shaped block in the corner near the platform. Repeat the process until you have one huge block. Move the monster block back toward the entrance and exit of the room, as shown in the picture below.

Climb back down towards the entrance, then climb up to the stairs below the monster block. You'll need to climb up on the stone block between the staircase and the monster block, then climb onto the top of the monster block as shown below.

Stand towards the edge of the block, then cast Depulso on the edge shown below to move the block and yourself towards the other wall.

From here, climb up the stone block in front of you. You'll then be taking a second leap of faith to the entrance behind you. If you miss, you'll just need to pull the monster block back toward the entrance and try again.

Congrats on surviving the first floor. Now, on to the second.

In Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle Room Two, how do you get to the second chest?

The second and final stage of Depulso Puzzle Room Two has two chests to claim, one on your right and one on your left. The exit is directly in front of you. We'll be aiming for the left chest first. Start casting Depulso on the golden pillar block in front of you.

The long, horizontal golden block will be moved to the right side of the room, toward the entrance, and back to the left side of the room again. It should be lined up so that you can use Accio to pull the horizontal block into the pillar block you pushed forward. The end result will look like this.

Pull the combined brick one row to the left, then pull it forward toward the entrance. Then you will be able to pull the block along the left hand wall again one last time. You should then be able to use it as a staircase to climb up to the chest on the left hand side of the room.

In Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle Room 2, how do you get to the third chest?

Return to the entrance and reset the puzzle by hitting the golden stand's glowing cube. This time, don't touch the horizontal cube. Jump on the H shaped cube wrapped around a pillar toward you, then pull the pillar cube toward the right side of the room.

We tried several times and failed. Instead, you'll want to stand and stare toward an L shaped block in the back left corner of the room. Use Accio to pull it forward.

Next, you'll want to go around and direct the horizontal block toward the left wall, then press it forward to connect to the L shaped block, this will create a ledge that you can jump on to. Go to about halfway between the entrance and exit of the room, you'll just be jumping across the blocks shown below to the treasure chest on the right hand side.

Room Two of Hogwarts Legacy's Depulso Puzzle: How to Get Rid of the Second Room

To get to the exit, you'll need to reset the cubes completely and return to the entrance, so we recommend simply climbing into the abyss to reset. From there, start pushing the pillar block forward, the H shaped block toward the entrance, and then draw the pillar block past it to the right hand wall. This time push the pillar cube one more time to the corner between the exit and the right side chest.

Next, you'll want to find the L shaped block reset to the back left corner. Pull it forward, to the right, and back again to get it in place.

The next block you'll be working with is the horizontal block. Push it toward the right, then back to the left. Carefully use Accio to pull the horizontal block toward the exit. It will be blocked by a stone pillar. You should then climb on the horizontal block to reach this stone cube in the center.

The H shaped block should be pulled back toward the entrance, and the L shaped block should be pulled back toward the entrance. Proceed to the next level and use Accio to direct the horizontal block right one space and forward toward the exit. After all that you'll have a clear path to jump and exit.

Amit will be glad to greet you for all of this trouble.

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