Bitlife's Guide to Getting a Dog as a Pet

Bitlife's Guide to Getting a Dog as a Pet ...

In BitLife, you will need to get a dog from one of the options under the Pets activity tab.

Under pets, you may get a dog from either the pet store or a specific dog breeder that sells specific breeds of dogs.

As there is a far greater selection of dogs and a wide range of statistics per dog, going with dog breeders might be the best option for you.

If you want a dog from a dog breeder or a pet store, please click on either of them and then look for a dog. For the pet store, you'll need to look the list for one.

Just tap on a few to see if you can purchase them. For dog breeders, you will first have to select a breed you want and then tap on it.

You will need to select a dog from a list that falls under a breed of dog after tapping on a breed of dog from the list.

Tapping on any of the listed dogs will allow you to purchase them in the same manner as pet store dogs.

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