How to Increase Mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley

How to Increase Mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley ...

Players will encounter various ingredients required to prepare different dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some ingredients are straightforward to obtain, while others are grown in specific locations. Mushroom is one of the quest ingredients required in Merlin's quests, and you will find it in theGlade of Trustregion in Dreamlight Valley. This region opens up after you complete the questlines, and it is packed with Mushrooms.

How to get Mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the Glade of Trust region in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must complete Merlin's questline. Night Thorns will also be required to clear out this region's entry point. Explore the region to find Mushrooms, as you will need many Mushrooms for other quests.

How do you proceed in Merlin's questline in Dreamlight Valley?

The enchanted Watering Can will be provided to players in Merlin's New Enchantmentquest. These Mushrooms will be removed at the entrance of the Glade of Trust biome. The enchanted Watering will be a crucial item to remove them.

We recommend giving gifts to Merlin, hanging out with him, and cooking meals for him. For this quest, players will need 25 Mushrooms,Falling Water, and an enhanced enchanted watering can, which may be used to remove the massive Mushrooms blocking the path to Glade of Trust's second half.

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