In Metroid Prime Remastered, how do you destroy Bendezium?

In Metroid Prime Remastered, how do you destroy Bendezium? ...

One unique feature of Metroid Prime Remastered is the number of unique materials that must be destroyed with specific weapons. Bendezium is one such material that can be encountered in a few locations (Great Tree Hall, glass in Magmoor Caverns, etc.). The locations are important because Samus will not be able to break them down until much later in the game.

In Metroid Prime Remastered, what weapon destroys Bendezium?

The Power Bomb is unlikely to be sufficient to defeat Bendezium in Metroid Prime Remastered, although Samus does have three. Players will need to cross the Phazon Mines to receive the Power Bomb upgrade.

Metroid Prime Remastered: Where can players find the Power Bomb?

Samus must go to the Phazon Mines to get the Power Bomb. There is a lift to the mines deep beneath the Crashed Frigate Orpheon, specifically in the Great Tree Hall.

Samus will have to defeat the Cloaked Drone in a Morph Ball puzzle after entering the Phazon Mines.

The Cloaked Drone is one of the most frustrating bosses to deal with for first-timers. Unless Samus has the X-Ray Visor, which players most likely don't have at this point, there is an aura around the drone that shines bright when it shoots at Samus.

The Wave Beam is the recommended weapon to use against this boss, however there is a much simpler approach. If players have the Wavebreaker, they can defeat the Cloaked Drone in a matter of seconds. To get the Wavebreaker, simply travel to the Tower of Light behind the room where the Plated Beetle was in Chozo Ruins.

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